April 8, 1998

My dad and I were in the car
He started it up
But we didn't get far

We were driving along and then we were hit
The guy was asleep
And we didn't see it coming, not one bit

As we started to swerve all the cars disappeared
It was like the hand of God was stopping them
So when that happened there was nothing that I should have feared

We swerved left, we swerved right
The more we swerved
The more I could see the light

I was so afraid and my dad was too
I started to cry
I think my dad did too

My heart jumped so high
The more we swerved
The more I could hear myself cry

Finally we hit, the curb so hard
I thought we hit a car
I felt like God was handing me my entry card

The front and the back of the car were messed up
My dad asked me if I was OK
When he said that I soon sat up

As I got out of the car I looked around
All the cars were back
And our tire tracks were all around

I was fine and so was my dad
The guy was very sorry
And my dad was very mad

That day we were late for school
We've been late before
But this time it wasn't cool

When I got to school everybody was in church
Like a bird
I found myself a perch

My classmates looked at me as if I were a ghost
They said, "Where have you been?"
They wanted to know if my dad was there the most

I told them the truth and some looked at me with grief
Others looked at me with sadness in their eyes
And others looked at me in disbelief

School was over and my dad never came
Nothing was different
But nothing was the same

We could have been hurt that day
Maybe we should have gone the other way

By: Maggie Wilhelm

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Copyright © 2000, Margaret E. Wilhelm