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  • Poetry Page

    • Maggie's Favorite: What To Do. Maggie recited this one on Yom ha Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) at the Springhill Avenue Temple in Mobile, Alabama. May 1, 2000. She repeated the performance the next day at the State Capitol Auditorium in Montgomery Alabama for the Alabama Holocaust Commision's Remembrance Day.

    • Dr. Dad's Favorites: April 8, 1998. I was present for the events that Maggie describes in the poem -- a car rammed us from behind on our way to Friday morning Mass at the school. Although, I must say that the last line of 60's made me grin.

  • Picture Page

    • Maggie's Favorites: Sleeping in Class. Maggie thinks it looks funny that he is drooling on his face. Cry Baby. It shows how frustrated parents can get with their kids, sometimes.

    • Dr. Dad's Favorites: Family Picture. I think it is cute how the picture is shown only from the child's perspective. Maggie tells me you can see the whole family in the locket around the mother's neck. Genie. The drooling tongue reminds me of old comics from the MAD magazine.

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