PNC Park

Photos by Andy & Carolyn Wilhelm
Summer of 2001

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View from Downtown across the Alegheny River
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Looking out to Right Field from Our Fabulous Seats
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City of Pittsburgh Skyline over the Outfield
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Big Scoreboard in Left Field
(Hey that's Marlon Anderson. He played at Univ. of South Ala.)
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Roberto 21 Clemente
Bill 9 Mazeroski
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PNC Park over the Home Plate Entrance
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Outfield or River-side Terrace at Night, I guess?
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View from Clemente Bridge at Night
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Roberto Clemente Banner
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Roberto Clemente Statue Near Clemente Bridge
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Willie Stargell Statue
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Willie Again
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Honus Wagner Statue at Home Plate Entrance
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On the corner of Gen. Robinson St. and Mazeroski Way

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