Andy's Favorite Ball Parks

Actually all of the parks I have seen a game in. (maybe)

Major Leagues

         National League

PNC Park Pittsburgh Pirates

I took Carolyn to a game there in the summer of 2001 on the way to orientation at the University of Maryland. It's a pretty cool park. We got seats close to the field behind the 3rd base dugout for about 50 bucks total...I don't know if that is a lot any more. It has some quirks: funny corners in the outfield, short right field bleachers where a guy could hit a home run into the river, etc. It was easier than I thought to park downtown and walk across the Clemente bridge to the ball game. The hardest part of getting to the game was getting through the tunnel on I-279. The traffic was incredible. It took a couple of hours. I surely would be interested in knowing what is the best way to get to downtown Pittsburgh from Morgantown, WV--because I-79 to I-279 ain't it. We took some pictures while we were there. Jeanne and I watched about 10 games a season there in 2010 and 2011.

ClementeThree Rivers Stadium. Pittsburgh Pirates

Where I first watched baseball. Roberto Clemente played right field in those days. He was the best! They have a statue of him out front now. (Well they did from 1994 to 2001. Three Rivers Stadium was torn down on February 11, 2001. The Pirates moved to PNC Park and took the statues with them.)

Milwaukee County Stadium. Milwaukee Brewers

This is one of my favorite parks. I know they want to build a new one, but I love this place. It feels like baseball there. When I last visited there, the Brewers were in the American League. (County Stadium was demolished February 21, 2001.)

Turner Field. Atlanta Braves

June 21, 2003, Cam and Andy went to see the Braves play the Orioles. It was the first time Cam ever went to a baseball game. She enjoyed the grounds keeping the most--the raking of the dirt, the hosing down of the field (it takes 9 men to hold the hose), the two guys who picked up pebbles, the chalking of the lines, the painting of home plate--go figure. We got hot dogs and Cracker Jack because that is what you are supposed to get at a ballgame.

Jack Murphy Stadium. San Diego Padres

We got great seats walking up the day of the game. There seemed to be thousands of service men in uniform in attendance that day. (The Padres last played there September 28, 2003)

Astrodome. Houston Astros

My favorite dome. For some reason it looks more reasonable for a baseball game to be going on there. Most domed fields look fake to me. (Astros last played there October 9, 1999)

Busch Stadium. St. Louis Cardinals.

I took the girls to the game there in 1998 when Mark McGwire was on the way to passing Roger Maris. He didn't hit any home runs that day. The stadium is about the same as Three Rivers or Riverfront. It does have a cool manual scoreboard in center field, though. (Demolished: November 7, 2005)

Riverfront Stadium. Cincinnati Reds.

We sat in the last row in the red section (top deck). It was so steep, I felt like if I leaned forward that I would lose my balance and fall over and begin tumbling and not stop until I had flipped off the top deck and landed on the field -- a bit like flying off of a ski-jump. (Demolished December 29, 2002.)

         American League

Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City Royals

A better park than ever now that they have grass.

Tiger Stadium. Detroit Tigers

An old stadium that brought back memories of Al Kaline and Norm Cash... (The Tigers last played there September 27, 1999. Demolished June 30, 2008.)

Fenway Park. Boston Red Sox.

We sat in the bleachers in right field. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Baltimore Orioles.

All the seats are green. It looks really cool. People lined up to get a standing spot in the picnic area in the outfield. We sat half-way up in the box seats along the third base line about mid-way out in the outfield. I think it was the most expensive park that I've visited. The Ticket price was much higher than elsewhere, and the food was expensive. Update: Since Carolyn has lived in Baltimore a number of years, this is my second must frequently visited ballpark through 2012 (behind PNC Park in Pittsburgh, of course).

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Oakland A's

Nice grass field. Nice park. Saw a super fan there called "Super A" who was wearing a tie-dyed shirt and a cape. Cool.

Kingdome. Seattle Mariners

The concrete ceiling makes this place look odd to me. (Demolished March 26, 2000.)

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Minnesota Twins

Home of the inflatable roof. You have to watch your step on the way out. The air pressure in the building literally blows you out the door. I saw more ground rule doubles there in one week than I have seen in all my days of watching baseball. Almost every batted ball wants to bounce off that artificial turf into the stands. (The Twins play in Target Field as of April 2010.)

New Comiskey Park. Chicago White Sox.

Not a bad park. Nice and new. I had a seat in the fourth row just past the 1st base dugout. I would say that they had the most unruly fans there. People were crawling all over one another to get Cal Ripken's autograph near the visitor's dugout...right in front of where I was sitting. Also, there were very few people sitting in my section that had tickets for the seats they were sitting in. The ushers were the most inactive I have ever seen.

Anaheim Stadium. California Angels

It seemed odd, but I don't think they sold any beverages of any kind in the stands there; I only saw vendors for peanuts, ice cream, and candy. I was too lazy to walk up to the snack bar.

Minor Leagues

Lawrence Dumont Stadium. Wichita

Saw various minor leagues play there in the 1980's or so: Wichita Aeros, Wranglers, etc. Also home of the annual National Baseball Congress (NBC) tournament. Update for 2012: I watched the Wichita Wingnuts play a number of times this year.

Hank Aaron Stadium. Mobile BayBears.

So far, I have gone to one game there during the 1997 season. It's a new park...a little unusual with the luxury boxes around the bottom at field level...but nice. As of 2005, Cam and Andy have gone to about 6 games together here. We can always get a seat in an empty section of the bleachers.

Eddie Stanky Field. Mobile BaySharks

I watched them play their only two seasons there in 1994 and 1995.


Consol Energy Park. Washington Wild Things

Jeanne and I watched the Wild Things there in 2011. I also saw a concert there with my friend Frank on July 13, 2009 that included Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Bob Dylan. Very cool.



Eck Stadium - Tyler Field. Wichita State University Shockers.

A park so nice, they named it twice. Home of the 1989 National Champions. I spent a million years in College watching baseball there. They are making plans to renovate the park again! Will they have to add a third name? Update: I attended games throughout the 2012 season after being away for a number of years. I am not aware of any new names, but the latest renovations are marvelous.

Alex Box Stadium. LSU Tigers.

I watched too many teams get beat by LSU in the NCAA regionals there.

Eddie Stanky Field. University of South Alabama Jaguars

Where you would find me from 1990 to 1996

Sewell Thomas Stadium. University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

I watched all of my favorite teams lose there in the 1996 NCAA Regionals. Including USA and Notre Dame.

Louisiana Superdome

We watched three games a day there when Tulane, New Orleans, and LSU took on Alabama, Auburn, and South Ala. It seems like the largest dome I've been in. It looks unreal to see them playing baseball in there. Almost like it is fake or that they shouldn't be doing it... "Hey you kids, quit throwing that thing in here. Take your gloves and bats outside if you're going to play." August 2005 update: Everybody knows by now that the Superdome sustained a substantial amount of damage during hurricane Katrina. We will have to wait and see if it opens up again.

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