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Andy's Music Photos over the years

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Andy's first guitar. This is Christmas in 1968 at 448 Morgan Street in Morgantown, West Virginia. It was not really a real guitar, but it looks like he was having fun anyway
Keith George and Andy Wilhelm as freshmen at St. Francis High School circa 1975. Clearly they were posing for their first album cover. Notice how cheap Andy's old guitar looks next to Keith's Gallagher. This was shortly before Andy got his Martin D-28.
Jeanne Haas, Keith George, Kent George, and Andy Wilhelm playing a song (probably "The Boxer" by Paul Simon) during a special assembly at St. Francis High School in Morgantown, West Virginia circa 1977. Notice how exciting Kevin Kuhn finds the experience to be as he snoozes in the background. (Photo by Robert Wilhelm)
There is Kent George playing some groovy licks on his Fender bass circa 1977. Dig that Early Times baseball cap.
Percussion Ensemble at St. Francis High School circa 1977. Front row: Keith George, Joe Lovece, Andy Wilhelm. Back row: Kent George, Terri Sanders, Kevin Kuhn, Molly Fusco, Jim Overberger, Alicia Giuliani, Director Brad Dugan, John Faini, Danny Holtan, Monica Chico, Tricia Shutz, Beth Powell. Keith is playing the Gibson mandolin so Andy got to play the Gallagher guitar.
Andy Wilhelm and Jimmy Carter were singing some Christmas songs circa 1977. Andy's Mom taught a Special Education class at Wiles Hill School in Morgantown, West Virginia. Jimmy Carter was one of her most famous students.
Andy playing his electric guitar at the State Catholic High School Basketball Tournament in Huntington, West Virginia circa 1978. (Photo by Robert Wilhelm)
Andy is playing a few tunes on the living room couch at 465 Grove Street in Morgantown, West Virginia circa 1978. Now that is a real guitar.
Keith and Andy singing at St. Francis High School circa 1978-1979. Notice that while Keith is playing the herringbone Martin, the Gallagher guitar is at the ready to the left. For every song you have to have the right guitar.
Andy Wilhelm, Keith George, and Curry Farrior were the members of the Guitar Club at St. Francis High School 1978-1979.
Math/Science Club at St. Francis High School 1978-1979. I know this one doesn't have anything to do with music. I put this one in because in the lower left you can see Mary Beth Downey holding my arm. I thought she was an angel.
That is Curry Farrior our good friend and professional roadie circa 1979. He always seemed to come up with the equipment whenever Andy and the George Boys played some music.
Keith George and Andy Wilhelm playing their last concert at St. Francis High School in 1979. That night they played "Vincent," "Four Strong Winds," "Diary," and for the umpteenth time "The Boxer." It looks like Keith is playing his brother's herringbone Martin instead of his Gallagher.
David Dondlinger and Andy Wilhelm kicking back and playing a few tunes in Wichita, Kansas circa 1981. I have no idea who that guy is behind us, though.
Midnight Mass at Resurrection Church in beautiful downtown Bel Aire, Kansas. David Dondlinger and Andy are getting ready for something. Andy travelled back for Christmas in 1995.
May of 2000 Andy is playing his green guitar at Holy Family Church for probably the last time.

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