Mary Andy David
- Live in Newton -


Mary Andy David is Mary Garten-Meyer, Andy Wilhelm, and David Dondlinger.
Live in Newton features Cynthia Cook on viola, and Joan White on violin

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  • Mary Garten-Meyer (Bass/Vocals)
  • Andy Wilhelm (Guitar/Vocals)
  • David Dondlinger (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals)
  • Cynthia Cook (Viola)
  • Joan White (Violin)
01I Lift Up My Soul4:27mp3
02Here I Am Lord4:39mp3
03Though The Mountains May Fall2:10mp3
04Rest In God Alone (Psalm 62)2:40mp3
05Dwelling Place4:13mp3
06Night of Silence - Silent Night6:03mp3
07Redeemer Lord7:35mp3
08City Of God4:01mp3
09Behold The Lamb Of God4:44mp3
10Bless Our God3:36mp3
11Take Lord, Receive3:09mp3
Recorded at a studio in Newton, Kansas circa 1989. These songs represent the music that Mary Andy David played during their 10 years together, in the 1980s, leading and performing liturgical music in the Catholic Church in and around Wichita, Kansas. Videographer: Brian Kitchen

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